New Bank Details

Dear all.

Lee Kania our new treasurer has been busy communicating with Lloyds Bank and he has opened a new ‘Treasurers’ Account for Cheadle Angling Club. The new details are as follows:-

Cheadle Angling Club
Sort Code: 30-99-50
Account No. 35534162
‘Business Account’

Lee & Gary have an appointment at the bank on Saturday morning to transfer balance and close the original account.

Anybody wishing to pay their subs or pay any money to the fishing Club via BACs should now use the above details and not the old ones. Lee also has an app on his phone and he can make/receive payments in many formats. If anybody wants to confirm payment or has a query, they can use the email address and he will reply as he also has this on his phone. John Button also receives these emails.

Lee will be able to give a complete update at the next meeting.
Please remember that annual subs should be paid at or before the April meeting unless a prior arrangement has been agreed with the club secretary.