Club Water Rules

It is imperative that all members familiarise themselves with these rules – which will be updated following the AGM’s every year

All members are required to have their membership card and their rod licence in their possession when fishing on the Club water. Anyone not in possession of these will be asked to cease fishing.

Members are required to keep fences and banks free from litter and damage.

Fishing on the main pool and Fox’s Arm must be from permanent pegs only.

Fishing is not allowed on the Club water whilst a work party is in progress.

No open bait tins are allowed on the bank at any time.

Members must use the toilet facilities provided on the Club water without exception. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the Club.

Two rods are allowed whilst pleasure fishing on the Club water; any fishing combination permitted., i.e. one float and one bottom or two bottom.

Rods/lines must not be left unattended at any time while in the water.

Live baiting is not permitted.

Barbless hooks only to be used.

Pre baiting is not allowed.

All surplus bait is to be taken home not thrown in the water or in any bin on the pool.

Two hooks on one line are allowed on the Club water from 31st October to 31st March only.

Only Club keepnets are to be used on the Club water and pegged out properly not weighed down with stones. These are to be returned to the shed after fishing having been thoroughly checked for damage and fish.

Keepnets are not to be used on the Club water from April 1st to May 31st inclusive except in matches.

No ledger weights over ½oz to be used on the Club water.

All carp (not Crucian or F1) caught on the main pool under 14lb in weight must be transferred into the Fox’s Arm and the Club secretary / water bailiff informed.

Members must not introduce fish from other waters or transfer fish between our own waters without prior permission; except in the case of the previous rule concerning carp.

Bloodworm and Joker are allowed on the Club water from the 1st November to 31st March only.

Dogs may be brought onto the Club water, but they must be under close control and all dog waste must be cleared up and removed from site.

Members must be courteous to all house owners adjacent to the Club water and respectful of their property, noticeably when shipping poles back over fences.

Junior members aged 16 and under must only fish between dawn and dusk unless accompanied by a senior member.

Bivvies must not be used down the house side bank and when used must not obstruct access for other members.

No form of gas appliances be allowed in bivvy’s / tents / shelters on the Club water.

If yours is the last car to leave the Club water at any time of day you MUST raise the rhino post and lock it.

If yours is the last car to leave the club water at any time of day you MUST raise the rhino post and lock it.