Junior Matches 2024

Match Dates

Saturday 1st June
Saturday 8th June
Saturday 15th June
Saturday 22nd June
Saturday 29th June
These are for Championship places and the main Trophy

If you require any further information please contact:
Anthony Yates – Match Organiser – ‭07473 232832‬

Steve Robinson – ‭Match Assistant – 07952 130435‬

Please contact either for any further information.

1.   Only one rod or pole to be fished at any one time.
2.   No open bait tins allowed on the bank at any time.
3.   No ground baiting or loose feeding of swims until start of match.
4.   Barbless hooks only to be used.
5.   At ‘all out’ any hooked fish must be landed within 15 minutes.
6.   Adults may sit with the junior during the entire match.
7.   Adults can set up and plumb depth., prior start of match.
8.   Adults can bait the hook.
9. Adults can assist in landing and unhooking the fish.
10. Adults cannot hold the rod/pole under normal fishing conditions., (unless the fish may come to
harm e.g. stuck in the lily pads). Once fish has been freed, control must be handed back to

11. Adults cannot strike at bites.
12. All competitors must check their pegs at end of each match and any disused tackle, unused
bait and or litter to be removed immediately and taken home for disposal. Unused bait is NOT to be disposed of in either of the waters.

13. We kindly ask that supervisory adults remain with the junior they are assisting and do not walk the bank as this is distracting to some juniors and is not fair to them.